This is one of the funniest, but definitely most serious things that I've seen online from a celebrity in a long time. Now that Jeffree Star has made Casper, not only his home, but the location of his shipping fulfillment center for his Star Lounge website, it appears he's had some "unwanted" and "unwelcome" company on his property.

In a post from his official Twitter account, Star shared a message to past, present and future trespassers that read:

If you live in Wyoming or surrounding states and know where my new house is: Pease stop showing up. Please stop driving by. Please stop taking pictures. Please stop trespassing. Please stop making us feel unsafe. Please stop acting LA Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes Thank you!!!!!!

While the "Stop acting LA" line was hilarious, it really is sad that he had to say something like that at all.

*Side note, I feel like an idiot now, because back in December 2020, when he dropped by the station, I personally assured him that wouldn't happen here, because Wyoming folk tend to mind their own business. OUCH! Here's to hoping the perpetrators are/were from out of state* 

Jeffree followed up with and equally interesting tweet, which really makes him sound like he's officially becoming one of us.

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While I'm sure it's mostly in jest, let's not forget, Star can often be found letting off rounds at Wyoming Gun Company. Not only does he have a pretty awesome arsenal, he knows how to use them. In other words, please stop off his property uninvited. I know for a fact, most Wyomingites don't like being affiliated with the California lifestyle, so for the love, please "Stop Acting LA" and give him his privacy.

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