Jeremy McComb will be performing at the Wyoming State Fair in Douglas on Thursday, August 13. He visited with us about how he transformed from Larry the Cable Guy's tour manager to an artist on his own and what it's like to make music and live life during a pandemic.

You can listen to our full interview with Jeremy from the morning show today here.

Jeremy spent many years as the tour manager for Larry the Cable Guy during the Blue Collar Comedy Tour years. He explained how he became an artist on his own.

Jeremy McComb - "It started in honky tonks as a kid...worked my way up through that...playing in clubs...ended up meeting Larry the Cable Guy. I spent 4 or 5 years on the road tour managing him...they were looking for guys to write the soundtrack so I was writing the movie soundtracks for Blue Collar...if you've ever seen Larry the Cable Guy pick up a guitar and sing a song about a bugger or something like that I probably had a hand in that, too."

The second Blue Collar Comedy Tour soundtrack received a Grammy nomination and led to Jeremy securing his own record deal. According to Jeremy's website, he's a road warrior doing over 170 shows per year. He explained what a Jeremy McComb live show is like.

Jeremy McComb - "It's super interactive...there's a lot of humor in's funny stories and hopefully great songs that people connect's a helluva lot of fun."

This year has been a challenge as we all deal with the ongoing pandemic and that's especially true for touring artists like Jeremy. We asked him how he's been spending his time while waiting to get back on the road.

Jeremy McComb - "We finished a record...signed another record deal...and we're planning tours. I don't know how to do anything else other than this. This is my life. It's always been my life. It did give me a minute to get to know my wife and kids a little bit."

Be sure to keep up with Jeremy and his music through his official website, Facebook, Instagram and his YouTube channel, too. Definitely make plans to see him perform in Douglas at the Wyoming State Fair on Thursday, August 13.

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