Country music singer Jimmy Wayne hasn't been heard much on the radio in the past year or two and now we know the reason.  Jimmy has been putting all of his energy into finishing his autobiography, "Walk to Beautiful", which will be out on store shelves on October 7th.

The book goes into depth about his childhood and how it was spent mostly in foster homes, plus his historic 'Meet Me Halfway' campaign where he walked from Nashville to Phoenix to raise awareness for kids who've aged out of the foster care system.

Jimmy told Country Weekly, "I've always wanted to share my story in songs, but it was hard to get everything into three minutes."

I've had the opportunity to meet Jimmy Wayne on a couple of occasions and he is genuinely one of the nicest people I've ever had the opportunity to spend time with.

Here is one of Jimmy's biggest hits and one of my favorite tunes from him and I for one certainly hope we get to hear more music from Jimmy soon.

Source: Country Weekly