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    The Dead Fish 

    Best Christmas Present Ever?

    There is a lesson to be learned here. Before presenting a gift to a child, you should double check to make your gift is still alive.

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    The New Puppy

    The Cutest Christmas Present Ever?

    This is certainly one of those really big "aaaahhhhhh" moments.

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    Two Girls and Their Wii

    The Tears of Joy That Come From Getting A Wii?

    These girl's Grandmother just became the greatest Grandmother of all time.

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    You're Hugging The Wrong Person PS3 

    Children Must Really Love Their Video Games?

    The best part of this video is when one brother tries to hug the other.

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    The Original Nintendo 64 Kid

    Were You This Excited To Play Goldeneye 007?

    I'm pretty sure this was the first and probably the best Christmas Present Reaction Video ever. I remember getting my Nintendo 64, and honestly I don't remember being this excited. I'm almost kind of jealous.

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    The Grown Man's Reaction To Getting His PS3

    I Wonder If He Still Plays?

    So it turns out outlandish reactions to receiving a video game console for Christmas are not just for children anymore. While I applaud this guy for being so excited over his present. I can't help but laugh at his 8 year old screams.