Josh Turner took some to visit with us about his upcoming Saturday night show at the Casper Events Center, his inspiration for "Long Black Train" and why he's a fan of newcomer Chris Jansen.

It's hard to believe it's been nearly 17 years since Josh debuted "Long Black Train". We asked him if the urban legend is true that he wrote the song after having a vision.

Josh Turner - "That's correct. Yeah, I was still a starving college student here in Nashville at Belmont University...I wrote that song with no commercial aspirations or anything. I didn't have a record deal at the time. It was just completely from the heart. It's been an incredible song for me. It's changed my life. Changed a lot of my fan's lives. It's been a pretty meaningful song to a lot of people."

Josh Turner is a devout Christian and his faith really led him to believe that his singing career was a divine calling.

Josh Turner - "I do. Every time I step behind a microphone every thing feels right with the world. It's fun and exciting for me."

According to Wikipedia, Josh's career has included over 25 million record sales. We asked him from his viewpoint after having such a successful career if he believes any of the new country singers has what it takes to have staying power.

Josh Turner - "There's a lot of talent coming into of the guys most recently I've taken a liking to is Chris Jansen. He kinda comes from the right place for country music and...golly, I wish I had half of his energy."

Josh also shared details that he's working on new music that may have some special guests joining him on the new record.

You can see Josh Turner in Casper this Saturday night at the Events Center. You can also follow Josh through his official website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to keep up with the latest of what he's up to.

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