ABC's 'Nashville' moved all of its main characters closer to confrontation in a pivotal episode Wednesday night (Oct. 31) titled 'We Live in Two Different Worlds.' That was especially true for Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panetierre), who dug herself deeper into her personal and career woes.

Last week's episode ended with Juliette stealing a bottle of nail polish from a store, an incident which was caught on a phone video by some fans. This week, the cops came to her house, and when she mistakenly thought they were there to arrest her mother  -- an addict with a long record -- they informed her that a video of the crime had gone viral and that it is a Class A misdemeanor. The clip received four million views, causing a national scandal that threatened her tour, but the unrepentant star only made things worse by denying she did anything wrong, then storming out of a live interview with 'Good Morning America.' She later confessed to her manager that she used to shoplift when she was younger as a way to make herself feel like she could take care of herself when her mother couldn't.

The central story this week, however, focused on Rayna Jaymes (Connie Britton) and her husband Teddy (Eric Close), who is behind in his run for mayor. Rayna agreed to perform at a country club benefit for his campaign, but it turned into a disaster when Deacon (Charles Esten) got into a confrontation with her father and husband over their manipulation, which nearly turned into a fist fight. Rayna also found out that an old co-worker of Teddy's named Peggy (Kimberly Williams Paisley) was on the committee for the event -- which he conveniently forgot to mention. Later in the episode, she appeared to have decided to fire Deacon after their decades-long relationship -- which has run the gamut from personal to professional -- while Teddy conducted a clandestine meeting with Peggy in which they discussed a secret that could destroy both of their marriages and families.

Season 1, Episode 4 of 'Nashville' also featured more tension between Gunnar (Sam Palladio), Scarlett (Clare Bowen) and her boyfriend Avery (Jonathan Jackson), who is alternately supportive and jealous when she and Gunnar score a new publishing deal. It looks there's more drama to come here, since Gunnar wound up in bed with a rep at the publishing company, while Avery stormed off after a confrontation at a restaurant.

From the look of next week's trailer, all of these couples are getting ready to blow up in a big way. Are we going to see Gunnar and Scarlett get together? Or Rayna and Teddy fall apart? And are both Juliette and Rayna in such dire straits that they're going to be forced to tour together after all? It looks like we'll know next week on 'Nashville.'