Two of Keith Urban‘s most important ladies — wife Nicole Kidman and daughter Faith Margaret — grace the cover of this month’s Harper Bazaar Australia. Some may fault Kidman for including her children in the print publication, but editor Edwina McCann gives readers her reasons for the inclusion of Faith and older sister Sunday Rose in the magazine spread.

“I was shown the versions of her with the children, but with their faces obscured. I fell in love and I wanted our readers — in fact, everyone — to see the pictures because they say so much more about Kidman than I am attempting to do right now in words,” McCann confesses on the magazine’s official website. “They are magic, raw and full of intense love, and clearly show her devotion to her children. I went to work convincing her that they deserved to be published, so for those who would criticize, blame me.”

The road to motherhood has been anything but smooth for the Australian beauty and her country music star husband. Kidman openly confessed to painful fertility issues in the past, before giving birth to her first biological daughter in 2008. In an effort to give Sunday Rose a sister, Kidman and Urban opted to enlist the help of a gestational carrier, who gave birth to the couple’s second daughter in December 2010.

The bond between Kidman and her daughters is undeniable, but even with his hectic schedule as a touring country superstar, Urban strives to give his girls a reliable father-figure as well. “It’s a lot of travel back and forth, but if it means that I’m not gone for weeks at a time, that’s my choice,” Urban tells the Tennessean. ”My preference is to come home, even for a day.”

“When I get home if I go to bed at 2 in the morning, it’s pretty hard getting up at 6, but I don’t want to get up at 10 and miss all the morning with my wife and my daughters,” he tells the Nashville publication. “So, I just push through. If I get home at 2, I’ll get up at 6 and have breakfast with everybody and then I’ll sneak back to bed for an hour or so … my wife will work out, I’ll go back to bed.”