In almost every press shot of Australian couple Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, they are holding hands. In the media, it seems like the couple is nearly inseparable — so how did Kidman manage to keep Urban’s exciting Grand Ole Opry invitation a secret? She just told a tiny little white lie.

Before Urban participated in the All for the Hall benefit on April 10, where Opry members Vince Gill, the Oak Ridge Boys, Diamond Rio and Rascal Flatts presented him with his Opry invitation, Kidman was already in the know. Problem was, she had to make sure that her country star husband didn’t schedule anything for April 21, the night of Urban’s Opry induction ceremony. So, a few weeks before the All for the Hall benefit, the beautiful actress penned a fake birthday party on the couples’ calendar.

“That’s all I knew, that it was a friend of my wife’s birthday written on the schedule,” Keith says, “which apparently is totally fictitious, but I didn’t question it. I was just gonna go.”

Luckily, there is no birthday party –or any other scheduling conflict– to impede Urban from attending the induction tonight (April 21). Urban is so excited to be a member of the Grand Ole Opry that it sounds like he wouldn’t miss this opportunity for the world.

Urban recalls his feelings from two weeks ago when he received his invitation in front of thousands of screaming fans. “I was thinking what it means to me to be inducted into the Opry is probably no more than a feeling of they know where my heart is,” he explains. “My whole childhood was predominantly immersed in traveling around to country festivals and performing and competing in these talent quests.”

His induction will finally be official this evening. Congrats, Keith!