By far, one of the best parts of attending the CMA Music Festival is the small venue performances put on by major stars. That’s exactly what Keith Urban did when he played ‘You Gonna Fly’ for a smaller crowd of ecstatic fans at a small bar in Nashville in June, as seen on the ABC ‘Country’s Night to Rock’ special.

It seems that small crowds work for Urban, who stood on a small stage surrounded by screaming country fans who were so close to the Australian-born star they could reach out and touch him. Of course, an Urban song wouldn’t be complete without a few rocking guitar solos — and that’s what made fans really work themselves up into a frenzy.

Country music lovers high-fived each other and clapped to the beat as the sang along to ‘You Gonna Fly,’ while those of us at home watched the pre-taped event. Even though the numbers were far fewer than the huge crowds that gathered at LP Field, Urban managed to electrify his audience without any trouble.

No matter how big a venue is, there’s no adrenaline boost quite like being within spitting distance from one of your favorite country music singers. Urban was so close to the cameras that viewers watching the ‘Country’s Night to Rock: CMA Music Festival’ special felt like they were in the room with him!