Kelly Clarkson continues to inch closer to becoming a bona fide country music superstar, recently announcing plans to claim full-time residency in Nashville. Despite her allegiance to the Lone Star State, the current CMA Awards nominee has placed her Texas estate on the market, and is currently in the process of finding a home in Music City.

“It’s like Texas, but I can get work done, as well,” admits Clarkson, speaking directly about her plans to plant deeps roots in Nashville, according to the Tennessean. “Everybody’s kind of the same speed as Texans, and everybody’s really nice and welcoming.”

Though Clarkson already owns a condo in the Adelicia in Midtown Nashville, the full-time move seems like a natural progression for the business savvy superstar, with many of her peers and business colleagues residing in the home of country music. The pop-country crossover is currently signed to Music Row-based Starstruck Management, owned by pal Reba McEntire and her husband Narvel Blackstock.

And it probably doesn’t hurt that Clarkson’s new beau, Brandon Blackstock — also McEntire’s stepson — lives and works in Nashville, as well. The ‘Mr. Know It All’ singer has gone on the record to confess that she is ‘super happy‘ in her new relationship with the Music Row executive.

“They’re all in the country world,” Clarkson says of her circle of industry peers. “But I think it’s just because, I don’t know, I do love pop music, but I think I have more of a southern mentality. Even just emotionally, I’m more that girl. So I get along better with the Mirandas [Lambert] and the Blakes [Shelton] and the Jennifers [Nettles] and Rebas.”

Though some pop artists consciously attempt to crossover into country music with minimal success, Clarkson seems to have hit a stride in the genre, earning praise from Music Row through her many successful collaborations and respect for country music. The singer even snagged a CMA nomination for Female Vocalist of the Year — a clear surprise given her pop superstar status.

“I promise to earn that,” Clarkson tweeted just after the nominations were announced. Though the singer has deliberately dispelled rumors she plans to abandon her signature sound to go country 100 percent, she does admit that she plans to dabble in country music when the material feels right.

“I think we’re going to try and do a couple (of songs) just for country music and still keep doing stuff for pop, as well,” she shares.

“I have a great career. I never want to compromise my career just to get more fans,” she says. “I think that’s cheesy, and I think it’s transparent, as well. As long as it’s a natural thing, and it’s something that I love, I’m totally cool with doing it.”

Clarkson is reportedly prepping for a winter release of a ‘Greatest Hits’ package, the follow-up to her 2011 blockbuster album, ‘Stronger,’ which features the No. 1 pop hit title track.

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