Not only does Kenny Chesney have a huge heart and a pretty sizable bank account to match, but he also has good looks to add to his resume. Not just good looks, but really good looks -- he's recently been named the Hottest Guy of 2013 by People Country. 

The 45-year-old country crooner is on the front of this month's issue, sporting a loose gray T-shirt and that familiar cowboy hat. Fellow hot star (last year's hottest country maleBlake Shelton also made the cover, as did Jake Owen, who gives everyone a really good look at his hard-earned abs.

This year's list of country music studs also includes Keith Urban, Tim McGrawLuke Bryan, and Gary Allan.

The cover issue of the magazine features an exclusive interview with Chesney. He's forthcoming and personal, opening up about a personal experience that changed his life forever. "Sometimes things happen that just stop you in your tracks, and they change you," he says. "And that's what's happened to me. I'm a different person now."

One of his close island friends, Kristi Hansen, tragically passed away last year, and it caused the 'Pirate Flag' singer to seriously evaluate his life. "You realize it could all end in a second," he reflects. "And if it all went away just like that, did I do everything I wanted to do, did I say everything I wanted to say?"

With 2013 boasting a new album, successful tour and a few exciting projects, Chesney certainly seems to be embracing each day with renewed vigor.