Kid Rock truly is an "American Badass," as he recently posted a photo of his successful elk hunt. For those of us familiar with elk hunting, we know that it is not easy to bag an elk, let alone a trophy elk. But, Kid Rock (AKA Bob Richie) got the job done recently.

His Facebook post reads:

In case you kids were wondering what camo is really worn for

As it turns out, the elk was harvested right here in Montana just last week.
According to USA Today "The photo was shot last week in Montana during a hunting trip, Rock’s brother, Billy Ritchie, told the Free Press."

But, it turns out this photo was not just your typical "grip n grin" photo. The caption Kid Rock included in the photo was actually a diss on Lady Gaga. YEAH! Lady Gaga!

According to USA Today

Gaga posted a video Saturday of herself in camouflage attire, cracking a Coors, declaring her Biden support and encouraging people in several key states – including Rock’s native Michigan – to vote.

Politics aside, I was offended by the complete waste of a perfectly good beer. But it turns out her pandering to "rednecks" offended others.

According to USA Today

Gaga’s video received some pushback from detractors who claimed she was mocking middle America and pushing “redneck” stereotypes.

Regardless, election day is over and hunting season continues. Congrats of the beautiful Montana bull Bob!

Successful Montana Elk Hunts


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