Kix Brooks serves up a slice of life down in the swampy bayou with his 'Moonshine Road' video. Wearing a pair of sunglasses, a trucker cap and T-shirt with an American flag on the chest, Brooks takes us on an unintentional and authentic guided tour of the sights in this fun, summery clip.

Brooks is seen strumming his guitar on the back porch and steering his boat on the pond in the shoot. Clips of the singer are spliced with narrative footage of a couple, one half of which is a raven-haired beauty and the "femme fatale" of the lyrics. She's so stunning you really can't take your eyes off of her -- that is, until the action switches back to clips of Brooks in familiar, cozy country locales.

The couple goes for a ride where the blacktop ends and in the fields. It's a semi-wild ride, so strap yourself in.

'Moonshine Road' is essentially a Kix Brooks-guided tour of some familiar sights and sounds of the south. We can't think of a better or more appropriate person to lead the way. The video effectively transports its viewers to a warm and hot day, the kind just begs you to do little else than have a some lazy or reckless fun.

Take your pick.