Kix Brooks takes a trip back to Lake Bistineau in his new semi-autobiographical single 'Moonshine Road.' The singer says the cut is based on a spot he and his trouble-making friends would take to at night. The steam is still fresh on this swampy, country-blues cut. Memories of his Moonshine Road aren't thick with moss, even though it's been a few decades since those hell-raising years.

Credit Brooks with quickly finding a unique and identifiable vocal style on his new 'New to This Town' album, his first as a solo artist in 23 years. 'Moonshine Road' is a signature song from the album, as it represents the project in its entirety better than either of the first two singles ('New to This Town' and 'Bring It on Home').

"Long-legged woman / Velvet and lace / A country boy can't help but stare at your pretty face," Brooks sings to begin the song. He wraps every long vowel in a thick Louisiana drawl. There's no effort to hide his roots. Instead, the mustachioed member of Brooks and Dunn exaggerates his influences -- and we're better off for it. With a few confident brush strokes, he's painted a complete picture of this hideout.

"Oh can't you smell that jasmine / Hanging in the air / That's the ghost of old plantations / That burned the hell out there / Yeah girl we're almost there," Brooks adds during the second verse. Beneath the cover of steel and acoustic lie a few great lyrics. The heart of the chorus is both smart and sexy, and even a little dangerous.

"I'm gonna take you places money don't go / I'm gonna teach you what a country boy knows / I'm gonna cover you in diamonds and dust / When the stars fall on Moonshine Road."

Any song you can almost taste or smell deserves recognition, even if it may be sensory overload for some. 'Moonshine Road' isn't the most mainstream track Kix Brooks has ever created, but it's honest and vivid in imagery. Credit the singer for taking a risk by releasing it to radio. It will definitely stand apart.


Listen to Kix Brooks, 'Moonshine Road'