When you think of sports that incite all-out brawls, soccer and hockey generally come to mind. But lacrosse? Eh, not so much. And yet, the Canadian players in this video engage in an epic melee complete with flying protective gear and devastating haymakers. Surprisingly, no one seems to use a lacrosse stick as an improvised staff weapon. Come on! If you’re gonna riot, at least do it right.

Apparently, things fell apart late in the second period after Cody Reed of the Coquitlam Adanacs was hit by  Jordan Kuziuk of the Nanaimo Timbermen, who was then cross-checked by the Adanacs’ Zachary Hartman. After that, all the players on the field began to tussle. Eventually, both benches emptied and a full-scale fracas erupted. No fewer than 15 players were suspended.

What’s even more startling about this clip is the utter lack of spectators. With the exception of a few fans who shout their disapproval after the fight, the stands are largely empty. Granted, Canada is almost entirely fixated on hockey as the national sport, but this lack of turnout is embarrassing.

Oh well, at least we have this battle royal to remind us that lacrosse exists.

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