Have you forgotten that Lady Antebellum‘s new album, ‘Own the Night,’ is scheduled to come out next week?

Yeah, we didn’t think so. But just in case you had — or you were looking for a couple more sneak peeks at one of the most highly anticipated releases of the year — the band has posted two more clips of songs from the album.

The latest round of Lady A leaks includes video glimpses of the band working on the tracks ‘Love I’ve Found in You’ and ‘Friday Night.’ The latter track surfaced on YouTube last month, thanks to a smartphone-wielding fan at a show where the band performed the song, but this represents fans’ first chance to hear it without the crowd noise.

Together, the two songs represent both sides of the band — ‘Friday Night’ is a playful, uptempo track, while the ballad ‘Love I’ve Found in You’ is another journey to their softer side.

‘Own the Night’ has already logged advance orders of over a million units, and spun off two hit singles: the number one ‘Just a Kiss’ and the newer ‘We Owned the Night,’ currently lingering just outside the top 20.

[Taste of Country]