Trying to imagine myself as a mountain climber is hard enough. Add ice to that equation and it becomes even less likely. There are some brave souls that really do ice climb and the South Fork near Cody is one of the more popular ice climbing spots.

These guys documented their trek to and climbing of the South Fork. Their routes included Mean Green, School House, Bozo's Revenge and High on Boulder.

Last spring, this dude documented his climb up Bozo's revenge.

I remember there was a long-running ice festival in Cody that ended back in 2018 according to the event Facebook page. The Bighorn Basin Radio Network reported last year that there might be a return in 2020, but I can't find anything new as of right now.

With my fear of heights, watching these people make these ice climbs on video is as close as I'll ever get. I definitely consider them brave souls - or at least braver than mine.

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