There's a well-known saying about the grass always being greener on the other side of the fence. In my opinion, that applies to those that think it's time to leave Casper for greener pastures.

This subject came up the other day when I had a friend mention they were considering leaving Casper for someplace different. Please allow me to use my experiences as to why I would recommend staying in Casper.

Thanks to radio, I have lived in probably twenty gazillion different cities in my lifetime in virtually all areas of the country. I don't want to shame any particular city, but let's just say I've lived in the East, South and West. If you're from the North, don't get ticked but I don't want to live like a Viking.

Here are a few real world things that happened in places I've lived:

  • Gangs running down the street in broad daylight with visible weapons
  • Entire neighborhoods put on lock-down while police look for a mass murderer
  • Traffic fatalities every single day
  • City council members regularly receiving death threats
  • Home invasions happening every week

Sound good? Of course not, but those things really did happen in several cities my family has lived in. Is Casper perfect? No way. Do we have isolated instances of crime? Sure. But, my family has already learned to appreciate how those bad things are the exception here and not the accepted every day reality.

Compared to other places I've lived, Casper has a very appealing small-town feel to it while still having a ton of things to do. People sometimes have personal reasons for wanting to go someplace new. I get that and understand. But, if you're leaving just for the sake of leaving, think about that long and hard. I can tell you from personal experience over 35 years of traveling that living other places makes you appreciate Casper.

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