A gal I've known for about 15 or so years now has shown the most selfless act of friendship by shaving her head to show her support for her friend who is battling breast cancer.  Many of you know Vicki Parke, she is the owner of  A Moment In Time Photography and can be found at most any NC Sporting Event behind the camera, capturing some great shots of the action.  Her husband Jeff, is the assistant football & wrestling coach at NC. Their youngest child of four, Dylan, is currently  a junior at NC and participates in Football, Wrestling, & Track.

On Sunday, Vicki posted this photo & comment of her after her courageous cut.

Vicki Parke
Vicki Parke
"So, I have this friend named Shelly who is fighting breast cancer. I told her I would shave my head if and when she lost her hair. Unfortunately, she did lose her hair. And then the moment of truth...I am way more vain than I thought. I did not want to lose my hair. But after giving it much thought--I decided to bite the bullet and support her because for the last 16 years she has been there any and every time I have needed her. I want her to know that shaving my head is a tiny thing that I can do for her to show her what she means to me. As Jeff was shaving it for me it just hit me how grateful I am that I am only losing mine by choice and that I do not have the fight ahead that she does. So, if you see me looking a little funny now you know why. Love you Shelly!!!!"
What a true friend, such a selfless act. If you know Vicki, you already know

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