Lucy Hale just debuted the video for her second single, 'Lie a Little Better.' The clip takes place inside Nashville's Opry House.

After performing her Grand Ole Opry debut, Hale decided the historic venue was the perfect place to record the music video for her newest song, and she was right. The first few seconds show what it's like to see those Opry lights from the crowd, as Hale approaches the stage.

Hale performs her song on the house stage before having a little fun behind-the-scenes. She's looking a little different than she did during her Opry debut, instead of a white fringe dress, she chose a sleeveless grey, knee-length dress that was styled by Rachel Zoe Studio for the video. Together, they paired the dress with a belt and strappy heels for the clip.

Although Hale didn't have a part in penning 'Lie a Little Better,' the writers (Mike Daly, Chris DeStefano and Melissa Peirce) knew what she was going through at the time and it became the song. Hale says it all has to do with a little crush that turned her whole world upside down. It's even rumored that the crush is a fellow 'PLL' cast member, although she won't discuss details.

“There is a certain person that I just completely would fall to pieces about. I was acting like a moron,” she tells Taste of Country. “The whole moral of the song is sometimes you just have to learn how to lie a little better. I was actually filming the day they wrote the song and I came to the studio afterwards and they captured it perfectly.”

Although she may have thought she was acting a little silly, she doesn't look silly in the video!

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