Luke Combs may be best known as a hit-making country superstar, but he's no slouch in the comedy department: A hilarious Jimmy Kimmel Live! clip proves it.

The video stars Combs as a faux-salesman for a store called Bass Amateur Shop, and, as Bass Pro Shop aficionados might guess, he's selling fishing gear to people who are pretty clueless about what they're doing.

"Hey y'all, and I love to fish, but I'm no pro," the "The Kind of Love We Make" singer says at the opening of the spot, outfitted head to toe in fishing gear and holding a rod.

That's why he heads over to Bass Amateur Shop, Combs continues, as the camera zooms out to reveal the store front, which reads, "DUMMIES WELCOME" in enormous block letters.

Not only does this superstore find each fishing enthusiast the perfect gear, but its salespeople will answer "all your stupidest questions," Combs continues, such as, "How do they get all that salt in the water?" and, "Are fish animals or dolphins?"

But perhaps the most hilarious part of the clip is Combs modeling various fishing-related items, such as reels — "the little cranky turny guys" — boots — "big tall shoes" — and scoop nets — "the scoopdydoop." Watch the full clip for a dose of Combs in all his epic comedic glory.

All jokes aside, Combs is a skilled fisherman who frequently shares his catches on social media. In 2021, he and his wife Nicole took a trip to Montana, and his Instagram post about the trip features several items of the singer's fishing gear in action — yes, including the "scoopdydoop."

Combs' love of fishing even gets a shout-out in one of the songs on his new album, Growin' Up. Called "On the Other Line," it's a quippy story-song about hitting pause on an argument with a significant other, in order to reel the "six-pound largemouth on the other line."

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