We have said before that the moon is bigger over Wyoming. A new video that's just been shared appears to prove that point.

I enjoy Mike Decker's videos for a lot of reasons. First of all, he's a funny guy who likes to share stories and thoughts on his life, oil fields, etc. Second, he's obviously got a sweet super-zoom camera because he's just captured some of the biggest moon images you will ever see.

Mike took advantage of a clear night over his part of Wyoming near the Bighorns and grabbed about 6 minutes of stellar moon video.

Mike is a fella that also seems to believe that chemicals are being sprayed over our heads, so...be warned that Mike's language is a bit saucy on this one as planes make him mad.

I don't know about Mike's chemtrail theories, but I love his moon video. It's cool to see science prove that it really is bigger over Wyoming.

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