There may be nothing funnier than celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves. Jimmy Kimmel has done it again, this time with a musician edition of his popular 'Mean Tweets' segment. Lady Antebellum, Darius Rucker and many others read the worst of the them.

It's really shocking how mean 140 characters (or less) can actually be. In addition to Lady A and Rucker, Zac Brown Band, Brad Paisley and Kid Rock were also among the country hitmakers that were slammed via Twitter this time around.

As many do, the tweet directed at ZBB started out as a back-handed compliment. "Zac Brown Band, your music used to be good and I could jam to it," the user began ... but let's just say it ended in a few bleeps while the band of bearded fellows winced.

A tweet directed at Lady A made us wince. "Lady Antebellum singing the National Anthem actually kind of makes me hate America," Dave Haywood read aloud. That made Charles Kelley raise his eyebrows, while Hillary Scott said what everyone was probably thinking: "Ouch!"

Kid Rock laughed as he read the tweet sent his way, obviously not taking it too seriously. While all the tweets were pretty bad, we had to laugh really hard at what Paisley read, "I don't know your music cuz I don't drive a pickup and I don't sleep with my sister."

Nothing quite beats those stabs at country music, eh?

Hey, at least all of the artists involved in the mean-but-funny 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' skit were able to find humor in the situation. We benefit in the end!