Anytime you have two superstar musical or celebrity acts dating — or married, in this case (think Brad and Angelina or Faith and Tim) — it’s only a matter of time before that couple realizes the freedoms they have given up by being in the spotlight. While Miranda Lambert and her country hitmaker husband Blake Shelton have been well known for a couple of years now, Lambert admits that her husband’s standing appearance on ‘The Voice‘ has begun to change how normal their lives can be.

Now, because of the smash television show that has millions of viewers glued to the TV in their living rooms, Shelton has become a household name even with families that never turn their radio to the country station.

“I understand now why sometimes people that get largely famous and sort of become a little bit weird — it’s not because — you get trapped in your own world just a little bit, you know?” Lambert said, according to Country Music Is Love. “And I’m lucky I’m in country, so it’s not as bad, but some of these big stars, you can’t walk down the street. You can’t. And I’ve learned that with even Blake, with the last time we were in New York City.”

Lambert says the couple couldn’t get five feet — even in such a big city — because people kept noticing them. “And that’s New York City, and that’s not a country mecca,” she said. “Now that he’s this big network television star, things have changed, and we are exactly the same people we always were. We are, like, so down to earth and do not care about ‘the scene’ or havin’ this certain famous image, but then there’s this part that you are a star and that’s how people perceive you, so you have to always carry yourself that way.”

Lambert will be joining Team Blake on ‘The Voice’ as an advisor this season during the Battle Rounds, so she may start to experience the exact same reaction that fans are giving her husband right now. Catch the couple on NBC’s ‘The Voice,’ which airs Mondays at 8PM ET.