It looks as though both Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton will be on the NBC payroll soon, with news that ‘The Voice’ network home has bought the rights to Lambert’s yet-to-be-titled detective drama series that will mirror her own childhood. It was previous reported that ABC Family had won the competitive bidding war earlier this year.

“It’s still going. That’ll be happening next year,” the ‘Fastest Girl in Town’ singer said of the her new project in March. The show has been in the works since last year. The storyline will focus on two Texas teenagers who help their private investigator parents solve crimes. Lambert is set to executive produce the series with the creative help of Rick and Beverly Lambert, her real-life crime fighting parents. It’s unclear whether the self-professed “shy” singer ever had a hand in nabbing any suspects in her younger days, but it does make for a compelling series plot.

Still attached to the NBC series are Aaron Kaplan of Kapital Entertainment, as well as Lambert’s personal manager, Marion Kraft, who will both be given executive producer credits. Previous rumored writers were proven false with the announcement that Chad Hodges has signed on to help craft the dramatic series.

Fortunately for Lambert, her fellow small screen personality husband has already set up residence in Los Angeles, where much of the television industry is centered. According the Shelton, he had his wife in mind when choosing their west coast pad.

“I wanted it to be interesting enough that Miranda would come, and that means a swimming pool, and lots of room for dogs to run around,” Shelton reveals. “So they sent pictures of all these houses, and I saw this one, and thought, ‘Man, this is like pimped, she’ll love that’.”

With Lambert winding down from a tour-heavy first half of 2012, it looks as though the singer will have plenty of time in the upcoming months to focus on her television project, though no production dates have been announced for the forthcoming series.

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