No need to panic, this is just a training exercise named Operation Western Strike. They rolled in a bunch of military vehicles into Camp Guernsey. They train hard in the name of keeping our country safe.

I'm guessing that there are thousands of protocols and procedures you need to know to have your finger on the trigger of this bad boy - not to mention boot camp. Although, it is still fun to watch.

This video comes from the Ultimate Military Channel. In the description, they say this is an M270A1 Multiple Launch Rocket System or MLRS for short. The 1st battalion, 142 Field Artillery Brigade, from the Arkansas National Guardsmen are doing training maneuvers at Camp Guernsey as part of the operation.

The MLRS is a highly mobile automatic system that fires surface-to-surface rockets. Twelve MLRS rockets can be fired in less than one minute by the three-man crew, as well as two Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) missiles - The Ultimate Military Channel writes.

Still needing more explosions? Enjoy these tanks firing off their 155-mm Howitzer cannons. God bless the military.

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