Here is some bad moos, um, news. A missing herd of cows were discovered frozen solid near Conundrum Creek in an old ranger cabin near Aspen, Colorado.

About six cows were found inside by two Air Force Academy cadets who had snowshoed up the nine-mile trail from Conundrum Creek Road.  The cows — including several dead outside the cabin — are believed to have sought shelter from a snowstorm and got stuck inside.

Now the U.S. Forest Service has only a few options to remove the carcasses from the cabin before the thaw: burn down the cabin, use helicopters or trucks to haul them out (which they say is too expensive or not permitted on the preserved trail) or, get this: use explosives to break up the cows.

Why not call a butcher and throw one helluva barbecue?

[via Aspen Daily News]