We live in a world facing some serious issues. This isn't one of those issues. It's a rare moment of innocence where a video shows a deer fawn kissing a cat.

From what I can gather from the video description, this happened in Arkansas (which explains a lot).

In Wyoming, we know that humans dealing with young fawns is a very bad idea for the fawns. For context, here's what the home owner shared about this unique relationship:

In 2015, a fawn was rescued by Wildlife Management brought to our secluded subdivision for safekeeping. She was all alone and barely weaned yet. She roamed the neighborhood, and when she stopped by my house, I would give her goat's milk, and rabbit food soaked in water.

Deer Friendly has all kinds of helpful facts about deer (hence, the name). You won't find any recommendations to befriend fawns on there. The fact that wildlife management is responsible for this probably makes it OK. But, this is Arkansas, so...I'm not judging.

Let's just take this for the sweet moment it is to get our minds off of other 2020 serious issues. It's a deer kissing a cat and that's fine with me.

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