The mystery about who's flying drones over Colorado and Nebraska at night has now spread to Wyoming. Multiple media sources are reporting that our state is now involved in this strange phenomenon.

A week ago, CBS This Morning shared a video of the reports of large drones over northern Colorado. Now, Fox 10 out of Phoenix says Wyoming is now a part of these unknown sky objects. According to their story, F.E. Warren Air Force Base has denied any involvement and says any drones outside of the base are not from them.

Fox 31 in Denver has also included Wyoming in their reports of mysterious drones. They included an alarming fact that many of these drone reports have been near Minuteman missile silos in Wyoming. Not good.

As you might imagine, this is fueling conspiracy theories like crazy. Some speculate the military is practicing search and rescue exercises despite their denials, as the NY Post reported. Others are going down the alien rabbit hole. Yes, this is very strange.

The Daily Star shared a story from a USAF intelligence expert who believes these drones may actually be secret military craft being tested.

The FAA is reportedly looking into what's going on, but as of now, the mysterious drones are still a mystery and now they're over Wyoming.

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