Oh to dream. To allow one's mind to float through one's thoughts seeking mental solace and some peace of mind. Not! Study finds that most men don't like to day dream. In fact they would rather be shocked than spend time in their own heads. You see, I often stare out into space, allowing my mind to meander, begging space to deliver a random and beautiful surprise. Research from the University of Virginia and Harvard tells me, however, that I am not included in the majority of men. "The study, to be published Friday in the Journal of Science, offers a painful view of humankind.Earthlings aren't fond of sitting alone, with their mere thoughts for company. Doing anything seems preferable to doing nothing. Or, at least, what these subjects viewed as nothing.University of Virginia psychologist Timothy Wilson insisted that in his team's experiments, these people were merely left alone with their thoughts for between 6 and 15 minutes. This is about the time you wait for a bus, a train, or your absent-minded lover to turn up for dinner."

The guinea pigs didn't like the alone thing at all. The researchers repeated the experiment allowing people to be alone in their homes. It didn't help. They didn't just use college students in their research, but people aged between 18 and 77.