Drinking and driving is bad enough, but doing it while picking up your child is a whole other kind of danger.

Police in Miramar, Florida arrested Lisset Llauro, 39, on Monday afternoon for DUI after they spotted her driving erratically while in a student pickup line outside an elementary school.

An officer spotted Llauro run over a lane marker and when he confronted her, she seemed incoherent and slurred her words. She denied having had anything to drink, but the police report said she had trouble keeping her balance once she stepped out of the vehicle.

While she refused to provide a breath or urine test, officers did register a field sobriety test, which revealed she couldn’t stand on one leg or touch her nose.

Further, the police say stunk of alcohol.

Llauro has three kids, all of whom a judge has ordered to have checked by child welfare officials.

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