What began as a year-long photo assignment resulted in a world-renowned photographer finding his forever home in Wyoming.

Originally from England, National Geographic Photographer Chalie Hamilton James first came to Wyoming on vacation more than a decade ago.

At the time, he was struck by Wyoming's beauty.

When he was given the opportunity to reside in the state for a year to 18 months to participate in National Geographic's special issue about Yellowstone, he and his wife and three sons moved to Jackson Hole.

Upon completion of the 2016 project, Hamilton James said "We thought we'd leave and see if after living in the U.K. we still wanted to come back, or whether it was just a bubble we were living in.”

It turns out that they had indeed fallen in love with the state of Wyoming. Not only its beauty, but the people as well. The Hamilton James family decided to make Wyoming their permanent home and currently reside in Jackson Hole.

If you take time to listen to Hamilton James talk about his experiences photographing Otters in Yellowstone you'll hear him reference the people of Wyoming making fun of the way he says "Otter" in his British accent.

Anyone that has spent time in Wyoming knows that we only make fun of you if we like you!

Based on his Instagram feed that's full of both exotic pictures from his world travels and familiar pictures of vast Wyoming sky and prairie, it's clear that no matter where he travels Hamilton James is always happy to come back home to Wyoming.

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Not a bad spot for a lovely dinner with friends.

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And, we can't say that we blame him.

You can see more of Charlie Hamilton James' work by going to his website.


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