A Wyoming man wanted by the Natrona County Sheriff's office has been arrested in Casper, according to the U.S. Marshal's Service.

25-year-old Anthony Skansberg had made the Wyoming's Most Wanted Facebook page, which is operated by the Wyoming US Marshal Fugitive task force.  According to the original post, Skansberg was wanted on probation violation, stemming from a charge of forgery, and was also wanted in relation to an auto theft in the Casper area.

Officials with the US Marshals say that Skansberg was arrested in Casper, early Sunday morning, without incident.

"We received some tips late Saturday night, early Sunday morning that he was in the Casper area," says Deputy U.S. Marshal Justin Stevenson, explaining that Skansberg was arrested at a private home.  "Somebody knew that he was wanted in Casper and told the Casper Police Department.  They went and picked him up."

The Facebook post seeking information on Skansberg's whereabouts was made in the

A Facebook account bearing Anthony Skansberg's likeness and name made comments on the Wyomings Most Wanted Facebook post requesting information on his whereabouts.  (Facebook)

first half of December.  Shortly afterward, a Facebook account bearing Skansberg's name and likeness began commenting on the post.  The account user also changed the profile image to that of Skansberg's mug shot.

"It does happen from time to time, obviously Facebook is a big community of people," says Deputy Stevenson.  "I can only assume that it was him, but I don't know for sure that it was his Facebook or him making the comments or not."