The Natrona County Commission will meet Friday afternoon to fill a vacant position with one of three candidates chosen by the county's Republican Party leadership Wednesday evening.

The Natrona County GOP central committee chose Paul Bertoglio, Morgan DeWitt and Michelle Sabrosky among 12 applicants to fill the commission seat vacated after commissioner Steve Schlager resigned earlier this month.

"We had a great meeting tonight to select three very qualified candidates to put forward for the Natrona County Commissioner," party chairman Dr. Joseph McGinley said after the meeting of the party's central committee.

Bertoglio is a former Casper mayor.

DeWitt is an employee of Home Depot in Casper and a pastor of a church in Midwest.

Sabrosky is active with Wyoming Gun Owners.

The central committee, the voting body of the party, has 126 potential positions with 117 people. Wednesday, 111 members of the central committee voted to select the three finalists. Each member could vote for up to three candidates, McGinley said.

"So now it's up to the county commissioners to decide for the final replacement," he said.

After the meeting, Natrona County Commission Chairman John Lawson told the three the commission will hold a special session at 1 p.m. Friday in the conference room on the first floor of the Old Courthouse, 200 N. Center St.

The candidates will be sequestered, Lawson said. Each one will appear before the other four commissioners. Each one will have three minutes to talk about themselves, and then have two minutes to answer five questions, followed by a closing statement. Commissioners will ask each candidate the same questions, Lawson said.

After the interviews, the commissioners will meet in executive session to discuss the candidates. After the executive session, they will meet to choose the new commissioner, Lawson said.

The other candidates for the vacant commissioner seat were Trace Swisher, Dave North, Brandi Good, Charles Moore -- name withdrawn, Paul Paad, David Florence, Kris Gaddis, Jim Milne, Greg Flesvig and Ed Opella.

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