Transportation update, from the Natrona County School District:


No buses running to/from Midwest - Midwest School Open

North I25: NCSD will transport as far North as Nez Pierce and Sioux Trail in Bar Nunn.

Midwest and Edgerton buses will run local. Midwest will remain open.

Parents of bus students North of Bar Nunn wishing to use Transportation can drop off their student(s) at Bar Nunn Elementary.

Bus affected 89, 74,39

West HWY 220: All stops along Robertson Road and all stops to Gothberg Road will be honored. No transportation will occur on Hwy 220 west of Gothberg Road.

Bus 17 will transport the Bessemer Bend area to Poison Spider.

Bus 17, 113, 71

QUESTIONS- Please call NCSD Transportation 253-5283"


In the wake of this latest storm, most Natrona County Schools will be open today, Tuesday, January 22nd, the District announced this morning. The exception are the Red Creek and Alcova schools, which are closed today.

There will be no transportation to or from Midwest, as I-25 remains closed as of this writing. Midwest schools will be in session.

NCSD officials remind folks to be sure your children are dressed for the weather. Here's more from NCSD:

"As always, the primary responsibility in protecting a child’s health and school attendance always resides with the parent or guardian. If you choose to keep your student home, please contact the school to inform them."

Kelly Walsh High School does NOT have classes today because of the previously scheduled All-State Music Festival. This is for KWHS campus only.

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