Nebraska photographer Katie Autry knew that this anniversary photo session would be special, but she had no idea that it would go on to inspire thousands of people across the world.

After she took pictures of Marvin and Lucille to celebrate her 60th Wedding Anniversary Autry decided she HAD to share them with the public.

Autry knew as she was taking the pictures, and tearing up behind the lens, that these precious photos were exactly what the world needs right now.

And I for one am so glad she did.

Take a moment to look at the beautiful pictures (and yes Lucille and Marvin are both wearing their original wedding attire) and learn the story behind 60 years of love.

NOTE: You may want to grab some kleenex...

Marvin and Lucille's 60 Wedding Anniversary

What an amazing example these two are of true love standing the test of time. I am so glad to have met them, and honored to have captured these memories.
I couldn't agree more, they are a living testament to the beauty of love.
As someone that has been married for 16 years (a mere drop in the bucket to their 60), I agree with every single one of their marriage tips.
May both Marvin and Lucille continue to enjoy the blessing that is their marriage.
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