It's always exciting when we find some more dinosaur fossils around Wyoming and our neighboring states. I personally love stories like this and of course the massive amounts of dedication that folks put into carefully extracting the bones to put them on display for all of us.

Ever heard of Medusaceratops lokii?

The genus refers to Medusa, from Greek mythology, and the species honours the Norse god of mischief, Loki.

The specimen was found in a bonebed in Montana, USA, and is around 77 million years old.

On display at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center.

— Dr Dean Lomax (@Dean_R_Lomax) October 2, 2019

This specific one was found in Montana and is now being displayed at the Wyoming dinosaur center. I personally love the name Medusa it just fits so perfectly for this tiny creature. In another life, I think I'd like to come back as a paleontologist. Spending my days playing in the rocks and sand.

Even though you may not have a degree like Dr. Dean Lomax you can always visit the Wyoming Dinosaur Center and try your hand at digging up a fossil or two at their dig site tours.

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