Most people imagine that being on the radio would be one of the funnest jobs a person can possibly have. And they're right. It definitely beats working for a living. However, according to a new study conducted by the website, being a broadcaster is one of the unstable professions in America.

Their report is based on several factors, including income, potential for growth, work environment, stress levels and the future outlook of each respective industry. Of the 200 jobs on their list, "broadcaster" finished 196th. Ouch. Of course, it could be worse. We could be lumberjacks...or, God forbid, a newspaper reporter.

In fact, of the 200 career fields that were studied, newspaper reporter finished in dead last, followed by lumberjack, enlisted military personnel, cook and broadcaster. Photojournalist finished 195th on the list. Corrections officer, taxi driver, firefighter, and mail carrier rounded out their selections for the worst professions in the country.

On the other side, CareerCast also ranked the Best Jobs of 2015, which include actuary, audiologist, mathematician, statistician, biomedical engineer, data scientist, dental hygienist, software engineer, occupational therapist, and computer system analyst.

Rodeo clown was conspicuously absent from both lists. Want to find out how your profession ranks?  Here's the full report from CareerCast.