I just want to state that I'm not the one calling those that choose veganism dumb. Blame it on a new study that alleges vegan people are not as smart as those that eat meat.

Full disclosure: my oldest daughter is vegan. I fully respect those that choose to not eat due to principles. It's America. You're free to do what you want as long as you don't hurt others.

I found this interesting study on Distractify. It explores the findings of research that seems to prove eating meat has been vital to the development of our brains. Here's part of what they learned:

Recent scientific studies indicate that the effects of consuming meat, specifically animal fats, are necessary in developing essential components of the human brains and boosting intelligence.

The long and short of it is a group of school children that were given different types of snacks. The kids that ate meat performed better than those that didn't.

It's all based off of a US National Library of Medicine study that includes very big words I can barely understand. Check out part of their conclusion:

We make the case that history has taught us that a dietary approach modestly increasing animal products for the poor rather than cereal subsidies work and may be the necessary and sufficient approach to control population size and improve human capital even if there is a conceptual and political mountain to climb.

Meat better than cereal. Got it. My guess is that the percentage of vegans in Wyoming might be lower than other areas. But, let's not guess. Are you vegan or do you love yourself a good burger like I do?

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