Of the many tragic issues we've faced in 2020, wildfires is high on the list. A new video shows the magnitude of the Cameron Peak wildfire as seen from Estes Park.

Alan Shadduck's Images of Estes Park shared this incredible video to Facebook.

Many media outlets including CNN confirmed that the Cameron Peak wildfire is now the largest in Colorado state history.

Inciweb indicates that the Cameron Peak fire is currently burning over 164,000 acres with 56% containment. They stated that today could be a challenge due to high winds:

Although the winds will not be as strong as yesterday, they will again play a significant role in fire behavior. If winds align with terrain again today, fire behavior could challenge firefighters.

As we've said, wildfire fighters are some of the real heroes in what has been a most challenging year. Our thoughts and prayers remain with them as they work to get these mammoth fires under control.

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