With the National Finals Rodeo set to kick off Thursday, December 6th, Powell Bullrider Kanin Asay had already traveled to Las Vegas to prepare for his 5th visit.

With over $100,000 in winnings Kanin is going in to the NFR placed 4th and is hoping to be the first bull rider from Wyoming to win a national championship. However after waking up Monday morning with flu-like symptoms and the news that followed that hope could be in jeopardy.

According to the facebook page Fans of Kanin Asay PRCA Bullrider., things took a turn for the worse and Kanin had to make a trip to the hospital.

Hello friends, could you all do us a favor and keep Kanin in your prayers? He woke up yesterday feeling horrible, he had all the symptoms of the flu. We waited it out thinking he would come around. This morning he woke up with a very swollen/painful neck, sharp headaches, chills and a fever. We were sent to the hospital for blood work, an iv and a catscan of his neck. The catscan showed there is an infection in his neck. His white blood count is very high. They are still trying to figure out what is causing the infection. They decided to keep him in the hospital the next 24 hours to keep an iv in him and antibiotics and to figure out what's going on. The reason I am posting this is because we believe in the power of prayer. Please Lift Kanin up in your prayers and agree and believe with us for a speedy supernatural healing! Thank you!Sydney

That was posted yesterday at about noon. The latest comes from last night at about midnight.

UPDATE: Kanin is really starting to come around! We we to visit him after the Back Number Presentation (the bull riders took Kasen on stage to get Kanin's back number, too cute)! Kanin looked way better tonight and you could tell he is beating this fast! Praise God! He should be released from the hospital tomorrow sometime, I will keep you updated. In the meanwhile please continue to pray and
believe with us! This is all going to end up being a great testimony for the glory of God..I also wanted to mentioned how touched I am by our loving rodeo family, we've had so much help today and have help lined up tomorrow to get through everything..I have had countless offers of people offering to watch Kasen for us, get us groceries and drive us around. It means the world to us and we are thankful for all the great people we have met on this journey and have in our lives! We love you all!!! Thank you everybody for the prayers! They are working! Please keep them coming!!!!Sydney

We will keep an eye on Kanin's progress and let you know how he gets along and the prospects of him riding and competing this week.

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