Nikki Sixx and his family moved to Wyoming in June, and it looks like they have no intention of leaving.

Over the last 5 months Sixx, the founder and bass player for Motley Crue, has been showering his social media followers with pictures of his new life in Wyoming.

From fishing on the Snake River to adorable pictures of his daughter on horseback it's clear that Sixx has embraced our Western way of life.

Sixx is all about trying new things, and it looks like his newest hobby is creating knives from scratch.

Sixx is being taught by Jack Henry Rellstab (Pinedale, Wyoming) and Corry Milligan of New West Knife Works.

Anyone that knows about forging knives, knows that it's an arduous task. The art of creating a well balanced and strong knife takes years to perfect.

So, it's actually pretty commendable that Sixx is giving this a try.

I'm sure Sixx will be posting the finished product, and I can't wait to see what kind of handle he puts on the knife.

Maybe something made with a deer antler as a nod to his Wyoming experiences?

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