Seeing the sparkle, excitement and innocence in the eyes of a child while they look up and see the bright, colorful, twinkling lights of fireworks on the 4th of July is a great thing to see. Setting those twinkling fireworks off yourself in Casper & Natrona County is a no no and could cost you a visit from Casper Police and at least a $750 if you're caught shooting off fireworks.

According to American's are going to spend LOTS of money on fireworks this year.

$1.5+ Billion: Estimated amount spent on fireworks in 2020 (73% of fireworks injuries occur within a month of July 4).

This year with much of the Coronavirus shutdowns behind us, the cost will be even higher. Much of the money will be spent by communities putting on a fantastic local fireworks display for all to enjoy. For families in Casper and all of Natrona county, visiting a community display is the only legal opportunity to see fireworks. The Casper City website states it bluntly:

There's really only one thing you need to know about consumer fireworks: all consumer fireworks are illegal in the City of Casper. That includes sparklers, firecrackers, cherry bombs, bottle rockets and even poppers. All consumer fireworks are illegal in the City of Casper.

Speaking with Rebecca Ladd from the Casper Police Department and Fire Captain Pat McJunkin from Casper Fire/ Ems they point out that they're not out to rain on anyone's party, but they want everyone to remain safe and to protect the community.

Captain McJunkin explained why the Fireworks Ban has been put in place:

During the 4th of July time frame, we're looking at fairly dry fuels out there that are easy to ignite and fireworks can be just that ignition source that can create a very devastating fire.

McJunkin goes on to explain why it could be so easy for fireworks to ignite dry fuels:

Fireworks can produce heat in the thousands of degrees in some cases and they burn very hot, very fast and if it finds the right dry fuel it's off to the races

Ladd from CPD says they're not out to ruin anyone's holiday:

we all love this community, we want to keep it safe and we don't want to see a fire happen in this place we call home. We will be out and if you see fireworks happening feel free to give us a call at our non emergency number, which is 235-8278.

She continues saying why they take it serious:

We really focus very heavily during the weekend on education. So if we go out and see it happening, we're going to talk to you and ask you to put that type of fun away for the evening and focus on something else. We do have the ability to issue that $750 fine if needed.

Both Ladd and McJunkin encourage Casper and ALL Natrona county residents to attend where legal fireworks are being set off, like the 307 Fest Fireworks Ford Wyoming Center at 10 pm on Sunday July 4th  (remember to tune in on the radio to heat the music that goes along with the fireworks)

For those wondering how community fireworks are ok but not personal fireworks..McJunkin explained;

the long and short is that we're there and we're prepared for any incidents that may arise. A lot of times in extremely dry years we'll do some work prior to the fireworks show, like eliminating fuels, mowing and reducing the amount of fuels . There are a number of things that we can do to make it a safer event.

Unfortunately, fire crews aren't able to do that in the community and aren't able to be everywhere. This 4th Of July weekend be safe, don't shoot off fireworks in Casper or Natrona County. One spark is all it takes to turn a great time into a devastating holiday!

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