I am sure by now you have seen articles being shared around social media claiming that the next Star Wars movie is going to be filmed near Casper. As exciting as that sounds, this story is 100% FAKE!

Bogus "news" sites are passing around the story of Star Wars being filmed in cities around America. Here is an identical story about Cheyenne, WY. Here is an identical story about Surprise, AZ. Here is an identical story about Pueblo, CO. Are you seeing the trend?

These types of of "clickbait" sites exist for only one reason - to get you to click on the article. Rarely do these site contain any facts or even anything of value. By using the shady tactic of getting people's hopes up with false headlines, these sites sadly do generate a lot of traffic therefor keeping them in business.

Do you remember when it was claimed that Julia Roberts had come to Casper? This is the same scenario. Do not believe everything you see on the internet.