When it comes to city layouts, Casper's is interesting. Yes, "interesting" is the word I think is appropriate. The street design has provided us a wealth of candidates for worst Casper intersection. Here are 5 of my least favorites.

Before I begin my list, I encourage you to add your own. Depending on what your daily route is, you might have a unique traffic experience to pass along that I haven't thought of.

Wyoming Boulevard and 2nd Street

Google Maps Street View

If you have a trip to Walmart East or the mall, you no doubt encounter this big heaping helping of driving joy. You haven't lived until you've tried to turn left off of 2nd Street onto Wyoming Boulevard trying to decide exactly what angle (and what lane) you need to be in. Fun. Not. The degree of difficulty increases if there's a car in the far left turn lane from Wyoming Boulevard that has pulled up too far.

East 1st and Conwell

Google Maps Street View

This is one that wouldn't end up on most people's list, but makes mine for a special reason. If you're leaving downtown on 1st Street, there are 2 lanes heading east until you get to this intersection. With very little warning, the right lane becomes a turn-only lane onto Conwell. The are so many beautiful driver interactions when the person in the right lane realizes that they need to get into the left lane when there may be a half dozen vehicles already there. In that case, you turn right onto Conwell and pretend that you meant to do that.

1st and Wolcott

Google Maps Street View

This intersection isn't bad until someone tries to turn left off of 1st Street onto Wolcott. You can almost sense the panic when they realize that it's a one-way street that isn't going their way. It's especially fun to be the person behind that person trying to suddenly make one of the biggest decisions of their lives.

2nd Street and Durbin

Google Maps Street View

2nd Street and Durbin is one of those many fun places in Casper where 4 lane streets become 2 lane streets. It's like a traffic tourniquet that squeezes all of the joy out of driving. This is why you always find your way to 1st Street if you're heading west into downtown.

CY and Poplar

Google Maps Street View

Decisions, decisions. You have a lot of them to make where CY meets Poplar and also right before CY meets Poplar. You have to navigate through multiple twisty turn lanes that veer into Walgreens and other parts unknown. Oh, and those two left turns you see above? Only one of them won't get you in big trouble. Miss that "Do Not Enter" sign and your goners. The actual intersection of CY and Poplar woudn't be nearly as bad without the crazy stuff you see near it. Collectively, it's one of Casper's best worst driving experiences.

Now the fun begins as I highly encourage you to add your own in the comments.