Yep, people actually climb to the top of Devils Tower National Monument. Right now though, you're options to climb are limited.

Not because they're doing maintenance, but because the Peregrine and Prairie Falcons are nesting. This isn't something new, it's actually something that happens every year.

According to Devils Tower Facebook page:

The presence of climbers near falcon nests can be distressing to parent birds and disturbance from climbing activities may force falcons to abandon eggs or chicks. The closure is also implemented to protect climbers, as falcons are known to defensively dive in order to protect their nests. Climbers are asked to report any defensive falcon behavior to park staff.


The climbing routes affected by the closure are between "Cave" and "McCarthy’s Brother" (numbers 47-106 in the Devils Tower National Monument Climbing Handbook). This closure includes the North Face Approach and the North Face Rappels. These closures are posted at the climber registration kiosk near the Visitor Center and on the approach trails. Over one hundred climbing routes remain open for climbing.

If you're wondering how long it will be before you can climb these areas?

The answer is simple...until the falcons are no longer in a vulnerable situation.

Now, there are still over 100 climbing, so if you were planning on scaling straight up in the air to climb, have at it.

If you were going to climb Devils Tower, you can't just walk up to it and start crawling up. There are regulations you must follow.

  • You have to register before climbing, and when you're finished. If you don't you will be fined and possibly a ticket. It's free, but mandatory.
  • Observe all closings (like the falcon nesting closure).
  • If you carry it up the tower, you have to carry it down.
  • Can't camp on top.
  • Pets need to stay in the truck, or better yet, at home. They're not welcome on top OR on trails.
  • Don't deface the tower by chipping or gluing holds, drilling or adding permanent gear

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