When you think of Wyoming, what images and/or sounds come to mind? I could share my own long list, but near the top would be bison and the Tetons. A new video share has both of those in spades.

Here's some backstory on how this video came to be. Someone was attending a wedding near Jackson last fall. They ventured a bit to the north of Jackson to check out the mountains. They came upon a wild bison herd grazing in front of the Tetons. That is how the video happened.

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I am pretty sure that most will focus on the visual of what this person captured. That's understandable since it's bison and the Tetons. Duh. BUT, I'd like you to make sure you have your sound turned up. For me, it's the rumbling grumbling bellowing or whatever you want to call it from the bison herd that is iconic Wyoming to me.

I don't know how else to define it. The National Park Service refers to bison sounds as bellowing. To me, it's the throaty rumble of these massive animals that defines so much of what we're about in this part of America. It's a subtle yet thunderous sound that exudes strength. The fact that this person captured this in front of the Tetons just makes it so much better. And, so very much iconic Wyoming.

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