If you have been to or lived in the Midwest, you've probably never heard of Sweetest Day. Having grown up in Michigan, I have. So, what is it?

Sweetest Day is a holiday that was thought up by 12 Cleveland, Ohio committeemen on October 8th, 1921. Since that day, it is has primarily been celebrated on the 3rd Saturday of October annually. Although most often thought of as the Fall version of Valentine's Day, it has historically been known as a time for women to romance their significant other with gifts, such as candy, flowers, cards & balloons or intimacy.

I personally hate it because it always falls on or around my birthday... every year!!! It's not fair! Couple that with the fact that it's basically a Hallmark Holiday. Allow me to explain. Out of those 12 Cleveland committeemen that founded Sweetest Day, 11 had something to gain monetarily. Three were on the Board of Directors for Hallmark, four on the boards of various candy companies and four owned card and candy shops in the Cleveland area.

Regardless of my distaste for the... and I use this term lightly, holiday and it's lack of popularity in the Mountain Region, you can still purchase Sweetest Day paraphernalia at most retailers right here in Wyoming. In Casper alone at Wal-Mart, Target and the Hallmark store in the Eastridge Mall.