This old Yellowstone commercial is cool, ridiculous, and scary all at the same time. What did they say? A bear doesn't go "woof, woof." Bears are nice?! No way! They will eat your face off! Well, they could if they wanted to.

The narrator talks about bear feeding areas. I am amazed that even existed. What I find scary is what event transpired to end such areas? It could have been a bear attacked someone, or maybe a park ranger had to put down a bear in front of a bunch of tourists. Imagine if that happened today and someone put it up on YouTube. There would be an uproar. Hopefully, the park put an end to the feeding grounds before anything like that happened.

It is amazing to see Old Faithful doing the exact same thing it is today. I felt proud of our park system for what it did to preserve Yellowstone. I bet Ulysses S. Grant would be happy to see what the park has become, or how it has not changed.