There are certain favors that neighbors do for each other, for no other reason than being neighborly. We often take turns shoveling the shared walk space or clearing snow off each others vehicles, and sometimes even sharing foodstuffs.

That's why last Thursday (March 17th, 2022), when my neighbor, Shannon, asked me to help move a refrigerator, I didn't hesitate at all.

It is worth noting, I had no idea it was of the industrial size (and weight), but I figured, no biggie. She had solicited other help as well, with a co-worker and his teenage son. So I grabbed my own teenage muscle (my 19-year old son, Terrian), and headed to move the Herculean beast.

To say this fridge weighed every bit of 600 pounds is no exaggeration. Even with the four of us men, we were struggling. And it wasn't just the weight that made moving it difficult either. It's just an awkward size appliance to move, with no real carrying spaces or handles. Also, none of us are professional movers.

About half way through attempting to move the enormous thing, a couple of missionaries walked over and offered their assistance. When I say these two young men were a gift from God, I am most definitely not being facetious. I don't know what we would have done without them.

I have a tendency to forgot that I'm 45 and not in nearly as good of shape as I was in when I was in the Marine Corps (no matter how often I may brag to my children about it). My son also wasn't at full strength, having recently sprained his right shoulder, so again, these gentlemen saved our hides.

So on behalf of myself, my son Terrian, Kevin and his son Sterling, I just want to say thank you to Elder Ferris and Elder Richardson for their assistance. We honestly couldn't have done it without you!

There is certainly going to be a star in each of your crowns for helping us out.

P.S. - I still can't believe you fellows helped us while wearing dress clothes. You really are superheroes!

front door & fridge - Casper, WY
Shannon Mason
Industrial Fridge, moving, Casper, WY
Shannon Mason
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Shannon Mason
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Shannon Mason
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